Terms & Conditions



1. Insurance: It is recommended that you purchase some form of Holiday Insurance from your local broker to cover your personal luggage, personal money, holiday cancellation/curtailment, personal and public liability etc.This type of cover is fairly standard and not too costly.

2. Pets: We do accept pets in our vans on Butlins (NOT GOLDEN SANDS). Please ensure you have notified us  if you are bringing your pet. Any animal found that is not registered  will be removed from site.
All dogs must be kept on a leash at all times when outside of the caravan. You are responsible for cleaning up after your dog toilets and place waste in suitable bins provided. Certain breeds are banned from the park, please ensure your pet is not one of these breeds. Dogs are not permitted on main resort (except guide dogs). An additional £25 is taken per dog per stay.

3. Smoking: We do not allow smoking in any of our caravans and ask that you and your guests refrain from smoking inside the caravan.

4. Parking: Please ensure that your vehicle is parked without causing obstruction to other guests. You may park at the side of your caravan to unload and load. Your vehicle must be parked in the bays at the front of the caravans throughout your stay. All vehicles are parked and driven on the park at the owners risk. The road traffic act applies to road users.

5. Owners rules: Holiday makers will be held responsible for any damage to the caravan or its contents, this is at the owners discretion. This applies to damage in excess of the amount covered by the bond. Should a court case result the Holiday maker may be liable for court costs. You are responsible for leaving the accommodation in a clean and tidy condition upon departure. If the accommodation fails to be to an acceptable standard suitable for the arriving guests, or any damage is found, the amount to put this right will be deducted from the bond before your refund is made. In the case that the costs involved exceed the amount of the bond the owner has the right to request compensation to cover the additional costs from the lead name on the booking.

6. Bond: A bond is taken on every booking. This is held against damage and breakages to the caravan including equipment and appliances within the caravan and sheds, patio furniture etc. outside the van. It is also held against the terms and conditions of the booking and the rules and regulations of the park. This bond will be refunded in full providing you treat the van with respect and leave the accommodation in a clean and tidy condition upon departure and no damage is found to be evident, also providing you have not contravened any owners rules and regulations or those set out under the booking conditions, or the rules and regulations of the park. If any of these terms are not met the decision to withhold full or part of your  bond is at the discretion of Ralph Caravans. In the case of damage exceeding the amount of the bond, the owner reserves the right to recover these costs rom the Lead name on the booking.

7. Paying the balance of your holiday: If the balance is not received by the Due date then your holiday will be treated as a cancellation. Total balance should be received 6 weeks prior to the date of start of your holiday.

8. Cancellation of your holiday: If you have to cancel your holiday, you must notify us in writing, or by text to 07786 260521 or email to  sadieralph21@gmail.com.  In the event of cancellation any balance paid (excluding the deposit) will be refunded providing the holiday is cancelled before 6 weeks prior to the start of your holiday. The deposit is non refundable.

9. Accommodation unavailable/withdrawn: In the event that the accommodation that you are booked into is removed from our books or becomes unavailable due to reasons beyond our or the owners control, every effort will be made to find you alternative accommodation. It may not be possible to find accommodation of an equivalent standard In which case you will be informed at the earliest possible time and offered a full refund or the alternative accommodation. If the alternative accommodation is of a lesser standard a refund for the difference in price will be given. If in the event that we are unable to provide alternative accommodation your holiday will be cancelled and a full refund given with no liabilities to Ralph Caravans or the owner.

10. Location: Ralph Caravans cannot promise to locate the booking on the van requested. Every effort is made to comply with the customers wishes and locate you to the area of the park requested. We cannot be held responsible if you have to be allocated to an alternative area or caravan.

11. Bedding: All duvets & pillows are provided. Bed linen can be hired at £5 per person.  (Bedlinen is provided in the Welcome Pack). You will need to bring personal towels and tea towels.

12. Gas & Electricity: Gas & electric is included in the price of your holiday.

13. Passes: All passes for Butlins Entertainment are provided for the named members of the party. You must carry passes with you at all times. A charge will be made by Butlins for replacement passes.

14. Arrival/Departure times: The van will be available for your stay from 2 pm. on day of arrival. You must vacate the caravan by 10am. on day of departure. If you have not arrived by 10am on the day following your expected arrival and you have not contacted us to notify us of your delayed arrival, your holiday will be treated as a cancellation.

15. Height and age restrictions may apply to some of the rides and facilities on resort.

Ralph Caravans reserves the right to make alterations to these conditions and to the details of your booking at any time without prior notice.